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Dear Music Lover,

The Sacramento Community Concert Association (SCCA) is excited to announce its 65th season!  

This year the SCCA will proudly continue our tradition of presenting a variety of musical style and genres, while maintaining the highest standards of excellence in our artists and repertoire. Our performances this season will include classical, pop, jazz, instrumental and contemporary styles, and feature young artists as well as established acts and performers from the Greater Sacramento area and beyond! This season subscribers can enjoy five concerts, and group and student discounts are available. Tickets may be purchased by mail, at the SCCA website using multiple secure payment methods, or in person at the concerts.    

We are also pleased to announce an exciting new venue this season! Each of our six scheduled performances will take place at the Pioneer Congregational Church, located at 2700 L Street, right across from Fort Sutter in lovely midtown Sacramento. Pioneer Church offers an exquisite sanctuary with robust acoustics, to provide the perfect atmosphere for each performance.     

In today’s world of mostly recorded music, live performances can enrich us in profound ways—by feeding our spirits, our imagination, and our creativity. And when the performance has finished, we can take an energy home with us, which stimulates us in many beautiful ways. Also, as audience members, we are supporting talented and inspirational artists, which helps sustain the beauty and excitement of live performances in our community

We invite you to come join us this season. We look forward to seeing you at the concerts!

J. Scott Miller
SCCA President  

Board of Directors

Board Officers

J. Scott Miller


Marchia Bond 


Subscription Manager   
Peggy Miller

Program Director
Elaine Gosine   

Marketing Director/Fundraising
Kathern Bond

John Hoyte

Board Members

Phelps Hobart

Robert Ellis 

Janet Himenes

Teddy Hobart   

Jeanette Munroe

David Warren
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